The barmaid


May 3, 2011

Good God! This bartender is driving me insane. She’s so fucking hot.

OK. Maybe hot is not the word I’m looking for, but sexy… definitely. It’s a combination of attitude and style. She’s wearing all black, which by default is a turn on for me. Don’t ask me why, but obviously I have a dark side. She is also fit. Nice arms, tattoos hidden by the parts of skin concealed by clothes, and tight fitting clothes with stretchy pants. And she’s using the stretchy pants to hold her church key. Then whenever she takes out the church key to  open a beer, she has to readjust, momenrarily exposing the skin of her hips and lower back.  From what I can see, there is no tan line.

She’s strong. While still feminine, her arms reveal tone. You can also see muscle tone on her legs through her tight stretch pants. Her ass has a little more meat on it than you would  expect, but it fits with the overall package nicely. But here’s the thing: either she doesn’t know or doesn’t care that there are small holes in her pants. I would say that if you measured them, the units you would use would be millimeters. One such hole is on the inner side of her left butt cheek. It is driving me crazy. I cannot help but look. To make it better, this hole exposes skin, not the fabric of her panties. She’s wearing a low-riding thong. I love the shape of those.

I like to imagine that I were single, I could charm this woman. I might not be the greatest man’s man, I’m not loaded with testosterone, and I’m not 6 foot 5, but I’m fun when I’m free. That I know about myself.

Grace. I know her name is Grace because it’s tattooed to her inner arm and on her name tag.

She’s out of my league, but that’s all attitude and style. If free to be me, I’ll bet I would be different. Fit. Confident. It’s not the age. It’s not the mileage. For me, it’s the wrong woman… a woman I do love nonetheless. The mother of my child.

Sometimes, maybe, the right woman isn’t the woman you want, or even the woman that brings out the best in you. Perhaps, sometimes, the best woman for you is the one you are with at the moment. Because that is what the people who depend on you the most need.

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